Project Brief: Identify opportunities to make the client’s offices effective destinations where current and future clients will want to work and meet.

Context: A large telecommunication company was struggling to effectively manage its physical workspace. The office utilization rate was below 50% and employees did not enjoy the look and feel of their work environments. This dated environment not only poorly represented the capabilities of the company, it also prevented employees from using shared spaces for collaboration.

My Role: Work with a team to gain a deep understanding of the current work environment and figure out how new technologies could be used to enhance the workplace to allow better utilization of the client’s space.

Step 1: Gaining a Basic Understanding
Site visits allowed our team to gain a first hand understanding of the workplace environment. We reviewed and evaluated room booking technology and visited the shared spaces at multiple locations.

Step 2: Interviews
Interview scripts were designed to understand the needs of the employees who work in these spaces. We spoke with over 35 people from 8 offices around the globe and learned how technology was preventing employees from working together.

Step 3: Extracting Insights
After compiling the information retrieved through these interviews, we were able to extract recurring themes.

Step 4: Crafting CTA Statements
These insights were further distilled into “Call To Action” statements. These statements identified five goals for the project.

Step 5: Creating Solution Concepts
The five CTA statements provided focal points during the formulation of concepts.

Step 6: Narratives
Concepts were then put into narratives to help communicate the user experience.

Result: Room-Booking Tablets
The results of this work led to the development of a tablet based room booking solution.


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