Details Make an Experience

After browsing the visually wonderful Petrolicious site, I watched the above video. It’s seven and a half minutes capturing a man’s relationship with his car. James Chen describes the details about what makes this vehicle unique and shares a deep appreciation for the Italian exotic.

The morning ritual he describes would seem cumbersome to average drivers, and would most likely never strengthen the sale of a Toyota Yaris, but to him, it’s all part of the experience. He even goes on to liken it to foreplay. “It is not something to be hurried.” It’s all part of the experience of driving the Ferrari Lusso. Charles Eames is quoted for saying “the design is in the details” and in the case of the Lusso, it is the voids that enhance the experience (much like in music). There is no radio or A/C but those are welcomed deletes in the vintage exotic. From 2:34 to 3:05 you can see why.

This is a wonderful example of appreciation for good design. The Lusso is by no means the fastest Ferrari and probably would not be considered the best looking, but the formula that makes up the little red automobile is just right for James Chen. A lot of that has to do with the details that make driving the vehicle not just another pedestrian activity but rather a fulfilling automotive experience. While my automotive interests usually stay on this side of the pond, I can appreciate James’ passion for his driving experience. Now stop reading and watch the video!


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