Moving Forward

In order to move forward with my thesis I reshaped the context to be more relevant for my client. When I introduced my proposal, it was initially met with confusion and hesitation. While my work had not been completely dismissed, it was not embraced and therefore it was difficult to move forward. Since then, I have reviewed different initiatives and projects that already exist within the organization. This has allowed me to find an appropriate point of insertion for my thesis without introducing a completely new agenda.

DSCN0159 copy

Instead of trying to reinforce the value of my thesis, I invited my client to share opportunities where my work could be relevant.  In return, they were kind enough to share a  a proposal to improve communicating innovation within the organization. I reviewed the document and discovered three outlets for communicating their message; their website, “roadshow”, and internal publications. I also discovered that the Center for Innovation facilitates workshops to introduce innovative thinking. Since these discoveries I altered my direction and proposal to cohere to this initiative.

Since I know these current initiatives have momentum and energy behind the effort to introduce innovation throughout the organization, I have changed my approach to work with these initiatives. This builds off of the three themes I introduced earlier. Working on an existing initiative allows me to build off of something that people are already familiar with. It also allows for co-creation between myself and the individuals who are already part of the initiatives. This not only provides a jumping off point but it also allows me to bring my perspective to the table. Most importantly, it allows the organization to have a sense of agency over the work I am doing. This type of involvement helps prevent the client from getting anxious about the project.

DSCN0170 copy

My focus now is to explore how to refine the already existing workshops/bootcamps. Here, employees are invited to learn new problem-solving and process improvement methodologies. The feedback from their current work shows employees are walking away form these bootcamps with a solid understanding of the methodologies, but they are not implementing their new learnings in their work. My work will focus on refining these bootcamps to help ensure these new methodologies are being brought back, and implemented,  into their current work environments.


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