Results from Engagement

I was able to deploy the tools I developed to capture the process of innovation as it currently works within the healthcare organization. Fabien, an orthopedic practice manager, shared his experience working the Center for Innovation (the Center) and shared his insights. This was really helpful in identifying what things we were doing right while also discovering areas for improvement.

DSCN0039 copy

I slightly expanded on the “Process Pieces” I created. I wanted to include three more questions that further explored Fabien’s experience beyond him defining the process. This also allowed me to introduce a physical space to build the process as Fabien explained it.

Fabian2 copy

My engagement with Fabien revealed that Fabien has a great understanding for innovation. His description included “trying things outside of your realm” and “being open the trials and failures.” When I asked him about the obstacles surrounding innovation he mentioned “time” as a factor and explained that “trying to fail takes time.” I thought this was particularly interesting. Because Fabien was part of an innovation tournament, he was given time to test his ideas. I am curious how “time” can be scaled and given to more employees, allowing them to employ innovative thinking. The image below shows the results of our conversation.

DSCN0045 copy

Because Fabien manages a busy orthopedic practice, our conversation was limited to about 15 minutes (this speaks to the issue about time). I was able to capture the first four steps of the process as he experienced it. These first four steps are Analysis of the Practice, Thinking of Solutions, Submitting Ideas, and Working on Implementation. This speaks to the innovative process using Fabien’s vocabulary. After he explained each of the steps, I asked him if this linear visual accurately captured the process. Fabien responded by explain that the first few steps were linear and one dimensional while the steps after that really expanded and moved to a three or four dimensional experience. This is important to consider as the Center continues to communicate its work.

I would like to continue to use these tools to speak to other individuals who have worked with the Center. It would be interesting to compare thoughts and ideas about innovation from individuals who have not had the opportunity to work with the Center but perhaps just attended one of their presentations. This could yield insights on how to improve the way the work is being communicated.


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