1 Step forward, 3 steps back

I had a meeting with my thesis contact yesterday (Nov. 27) to kickoff the project. While I was optimistic about moving forward with my work, I (naively) did not anticipate any hiccups with my client that would put my work on hold. Unfortunately for me, that is exactly what happened.

I found myself lobbying for the importance of using graphics to convey a message (or in this case, a process). Where I was hoping to introduce the concept I developed to engage with employees, I had to first explain the value of defining an innovative process. Because I was ill-prepared for this conversation, the conversation made me feel a bit ill.

When I left the meeting, my head was spinning.

Then I started thinking about other centers for innovation that exist in healthcare and wondered how they communicated and defined their process. Perhaps I would be able to point toward what other innovation centers are using to reinforce my idea. There are 10 healthcare systems I looked at that practice some capacity of innovation. They are listed below, with links to their respective websites.

The David Druker Center for Health System Innovation

The Center for Healthcare Research at Allina Health

Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

The Innovation Center at Columbus Regional Health

The Fogarty Institute for Innovation

Rex Strategic Innovations

Vanderbilt Center for Better Health

Armstrong Institue for Patient Safety and Quality

Center of Education, Simulation, and Innovation (Hartford Hospital)

After perusing the vast world that is webspace devoted to showcasing innovation in healthcare systems in search of a visual explanation (or any explanation) of an innovative process, I came up quite short. The only system to offer some sort of explanation with a visual compliment is the David Druker Center. After clicking on a hyperlink with the sentence explaining that they employ human-center design, I was taken here.  The was the explanation I was looking for, buried deep within their site. Although the other centers for innovation do not adequating explain their process or how they work, almost all of them have a mission and vision.

While my initiative with my client was not completely embraced, it was also not completed dismissed. I was invited to use my concept with a practice manger who has been working closely with a Center for Innovation. This was great because this engagement could help reveal areas for improvement and help communicate the value of my work.


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