Tools for Conversation

My next steps for my thesis work would ideally be to have conversations with employees within an organization to learn more about their experience and capture the content of the conversation in a valuable way. I have had success in the past in using generative tools to help guide and focus conversation. These tools have also helped ease the synthesis process by being flexible enough to be easily interpreted into quantitative and qualitative finding. To help capture the vocabulary, resources, and overall feeling of an innovative process within a healthcare organization, I have created “pieces” for conversation.

Each piece represents a step to a process. As an employee explains their experience working through an innovative process, they would fill in the fields on the piece. Each “step piece” has 5 fields (who, what, when, where, how)  that help capture all of the components to each step. Once the fields have been filled, the next step can be introduced and those fields can be filled. The flexibility of these tools allows for users to orient the piece to reflect what part of each step is most important by moving that component to the top.

As the conversation continues, and more pieces are added, the user can arrange them to reflect how the process felt. This allows them to create a process that is linear, ascending, amorphous, or something entirely different.

Before engaging with employees, I plan on introducing this concept, along with the overall theme of my thesis, to my primary contact. Hopefully, they will see value in my direction and help me identify people within the organization that have recently experienced the process of innovation.


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