Crafting a Thesis Context

I have spent the past few weeks crafting my thesis presentation. A good chuck of my time so far has been spent researching information around behavior change, organizational change, and understanidng the difficulties around change. I have considered case studies that showcase examples of innovative thinking being introduced to new audiences. I have also interviewed professionals in that have expertise in emotional intelligence, managing small group dynamics, and communicating innovation. This research has helped me develop insights into successfully implementing and sustaining organizational culture change.

To make sense of all of this information, I used a color coding system where I indicated terms and techniques with orange, quotes were labeled with blue, and anecdotes were marked with green. I then externalized this information by creating an affinity web which helped reveal themes.

This affinity web revealed three themes…

This then informed an evolution of my statement…

My next steps are to develop a method to help capture what is currently familiar in an existing culture. Ideally, I would talk to individuals within the organization who have recently gone through the steps of an innovative process or who have spent time moving an idea into action. The goal of this conversation would be to document the vocabulary they use to describe the process and also understand what resources/tools were used throughout that process. After speaking to several individuals, I could compare similarities in language and resources to inform the definition of an innovative process.

This method of framing a process would address the themes I identified above by allowing the members of the organization to co-create the process by using their vocabulary, this would also allow the process to feel familiar and because the terms are based off of an experience where they already performed a process, it would help reinforce a sense of autonomy.


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