Soap vs Perfume

I found this article on Reuters that compared Samsung and Apple’s smartphone production.  In it there  is a quote from Chirstian Lindholm of Fjord that compares the work of the companies to that of making soap and perfume.  Christian is quoted as saying “Samsung is like a fantastic soap maker. Their products get you clean, lathers well. However, they do not know how to make perfumes… Perfume is meant to seduce, make you attractive and feel good. You love your perfume, but you like your soap.”

While there are some people out there who may agree, I think Christian has it backwards.  To me, Apple is making soap while Samsung produces the perfume.  Soap gets you clean while perfume masks your smell. Soap is simple, easy to apply, and there is no real over application of soap. Perfume is sold in glitzy bottles, in small quantities, and one spray too many can leave you stranded until the scent wears-off.

Above I have an image of an iPhone and below is an image of Samsung’s latest Galaxy. The names alone say something about what each company is offering. Apple is selling phones while Samsung is selling you and entire Galaxy. When I walked into Verizon to buy my phone, I didn’t ask for a system of stars and planets, I wanted to buy a phone. Don’t try to sell me on glitzy names and fancy branding (Google), sell me on the fact that you are the perfect thing to get the job done.


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