SEPTA Affordance

The Philadelphia public transit bus drivers can be a real pain.  Bicycling to and from school everyday provides many encounters with these automotive behemoths.  I even share my daily commute to school with the No. 33 bus route.  Besides the honking and aggressive maneuvers, the No. 33 offers a special, unintended affordance for me.

As I depart from my apartment in the mornings, I start going south on 19th from Fairmount.  Around 8:30 there is a lot of commuter traffic that congests my ride.  Since this is also a bus route, there is an occasional bus stop with people waiting to board the bus.  When the traffic gets bottled up by the No. 33 because it is constantly stopping, I just have to hop onto the sidewalk for one block (very controversial I know) and the road is mine!  Now I have passed the bus, which is conveniently keeping traffic away from my commute.

Thanks for holding up traffic No. 33.  I wish your SEPTA brethren were as unintentionally accommodating as you are.


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