Looks good, sounds horrible

This past holiday season, my soon-to-be mother-in-law gifted me a DIY wall clock.  I was so excited to have something to put on the barren walls of my studio apartment.  However, I was not so excited when I discovered the return address on the original packaging.  It turns out my clock was shipped too me all the way from China.  While I’m sure Letha got a great deal on the gift, I later found out first-hand how sometimes a great deal comes from cheap manufacturing.

With the help of my fiancé Emma, we scattered the numbers from the clock around on the wall, assembled the hands, and put in the battery.  While we hung around the apartment the rest of the day we noticed  the clock was incredibly loud.  When it was time to go to sleep I just ended up taking the battery out so it wouldn’t keep us up.

I could never settle for a noisy clock that requires a daily “insert-remove battery” relationship and has to come up with an alternate, longer-term solution.  With the help of a flat-head screw driver I pulled the clock apart.  I then used a cotton swab to apply  olive oil to the tiny plastic gears.  Now… silence.

I’m sure the manufacturers didn’t intend for the clock to be so loud.  It did bring an unexpected meaning to DIY.  When I check the time before heading to bed tonight I will leave the battery where it is.


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